The Constructing Narrative Issue and Exhibition are now live!

Light Leaked is an online exhibition space. Their current show/issue, “Constructing Narrative” includes a couple of my images from “Communions.”  You may visit the site here:

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Sticks and Boulders

There is a special place in the mountains of Virginia where large boulders overlook a river. I visit there often and recently worked in the space and created a new piece for “Communions.” Here are parts and pieces of the space and the work in progress.

Installations from 2016

Image #1, Moss Ring #2 with a box of live moss for the Charleston Arts Festival at the Old City Jail in Charleston. 

Image #2, Low Lying Clouds with willow circles from Art Fields, 2016

Moss Ring #2 ©DCH 2016

Low Lying Clouds ©DCH 2016

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