Shows at the Carrack Modern Museum and Visual Art Exchange

300 Arts Project curated a show at the Carrack Modern in Durham, NC. Michaela Pilar Brown and I discussed our work with the community and covered topics around place, history, race, and women’s identities.

The Communions work is also being featured in Scope 2016: the southern landscape. Juried by Daniel Fuller, curator, Atlanta Contemporary.


Working on the levee in New Orleans

I have always loved the Mississippi River. Her power and grace never disappoint. Working on the batture and levee was one of the highlights of my recent residency in NOLA.  This piece was a 4 day long process in the sweltering heat. To start I had to collect trash from the murky water to clear the space for my construction (way too much plastic in our water).

Typically I do all the manual labor for my constructions, but this one required an extra set of hands. My friend Zandra came a few days to help me lift and drag the heavier pieces of wood. She also stood guard for me while I performed on the batture. 

Many thanks to A Studio in the Woods for making my residency in New Orleans so productive and rewarding. 


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