A story from Clear Creek Creative in KY

Inspired and impressed by this Alternate ROOTS article that describes people coming together at Clear Creek Creative in KY to protect their land from encroaching frackers. 


Spring in Virginia

Working on a new piece in Virginia - I am creating mud lines on some rocks in the mountains. The dirt at the rock site is not the color I want so I have to carry  iron rich dirt from the creek area below to make my dirt dauber lines. I am expecting this piece to take at least two days to finish. You can look for the final image under “Work/ Communions” on my site. 

Working on this series, Communions often feels more like play than work. Bringing each image to fruition requires patience, a 2-3 day commitment, and manual labor, but the whole process is very enjoyable. 

The pictured arrowhead was found when I went to the creek to wash up. I bent down in the creek and there it was. A gift.

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A month ago I was in Ithaca, NY giving a lecture at Ithaca College. I was asked to discuss my process and the intersection of photography with performance and sculpture. In addition to enjoying my time with the art students and faculty I had a grand time with my friend Sara. And yes, that is ice in April on Cayuga Lake. 

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